Northern Lights Marching Classic Band Competition 2018
Northern Lights Marching Classic in Cumberland, WI
Saturday 9/15/2018 at Endeavor Stadium
1000 8th Avenue, Cumberland WI 54829

Tickets can be purchased at the gate. $10.00
$5.00 for seniors and students

Gate opens at 5:00 pm

Updated: 9/4/2018

Visiting Bands:

Please enter on 8th Ave off of HWY 48/63.
All Bands will enter at the High School Parking lot.

You will be meet by a parking attendant who will guide you to your assigned parking area. Note your specific parking might be slightly different than listed on the map, but it will be in the High School parking lot.

Visitors car parking areas:

Cumberland High School
Note because we also have bands parked in the high school lot, would appreciate only visitors who plan on staying for the whole show to be parked in the HS lot, this will help reduce car / band member traffic.

Ardisam West Lot

Cumberland Middle School
Note: The only handicapped parking is at the Middle School

First Lutheran Church

8th Ave (except for in front of the Middle School and High School)

William Street

llth Ave

Please do NOT park in the Cumberland Memorial Hospital lot.

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Awards Ceremony 9:15 pm

Mr. Hopkins: 715-822-5121 EXT 427
Mrs. Rademaker: 715-822-5121 EXT 428

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